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by anonymous

I would like to report an issue after update firmware to RUT2XX_R_00.01.14 of a RUT240. With custom APN the username sent to our radius server is "Void". CHAP or PAP the problem is the same.

Unboxing a brand new RUT240 with RUT2XX_R_00.01.13.1 and it's works like a charm, the credentials are sent properly.

Someone has find this problem?

Thanks in advance,

by anonymous

I believe the WebUI in RUT2XX_R_00.01.14 is not applying the APN Username and Password configured in the WebUI.  I have an issue where the mobile interface will not connect/authenticate to my custom APN.

When I run uci show network, there are no username or password values being set for the PPP interface despite them being displayed in the WebUI.  If I manually add a username and password value via UCI commands to network.ppp my connection to the custom APN works fine although settings are lost on reboot.

I can see the APN username and password are visible in /etc/config/simcard, but it seems like this config file isn't being referenced by the connection?

This looks to be a firmware bug possibly.

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by anonymous

Could you share a logs entry from your radius server where I could see that it was sent to as "Void". Also, I would appreciate it if you could add a correct example. Also, I would like to ask if you could attach a troubleshoot file from the router with this issue (send it via a private message).