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Hello everyone, 

I'm using RUT240 (FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.14) to read data using Modbus TCP protocol but having a problem with sending Alarm via SMS. I was able to save different individual alarms, but when I saved the main Modbus Master Alarms, this error messages appeared. 

I have read a similar thread about this problem but can't find any solution. The thread is MODBUS TCP SLAVE DEVICES: MODBUS MASTER ALARMS: ACTION SMS

I tried to use SMS Utilities but the system said it was timed out, but my phone still received the SMS (with or without country code). And after that, the Alarm worked eventhough the "Empty phone number, unable to enable the alarm" error message still appear. 

But it didn't last long, the alarm stopped sending SMS to my phone after fews attempts. From there, I can only be able to send SMS manually through SMS Utilities. 

One more problem, after the "Empty phone number, unable to enable the alarm" error message appeared, I cannot add more Alarm, the Config window appears (below picture). Only until I deleted the SMS alarm actions, I was able to add new Alarm action.

Here is the log file I downloaded: DELETED

Can you please help me with this problem? Thank you so much.

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I would need you to download troubleshoot file again, but this time please recreate the error scenario couple of times before downloading it. In your uploaded troubleshoot I wasn't able to see anything common with this issue, maybe because there was a reboot done?

In any case, please reproduce your issue and download your troubleshoot file then.

Also, I deleted your past uploaded troubleshoot as it contains some sensitive data and it's not safe to post data like this in the forums.

Please send me your troubleshoot via private messages.


I just re-produced the error and sent you log file via private messages. Please help me check it. Thank you so much.