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by anonymous

I am using a RUTX with one antenna attached to it. The internet I am getting from there goes over a 90m CAT 5E cable to a RUTX12s WAN port.  In the RUTX12 two Antennas are attached. Between WAN, MOBILE 1 and 2 load balancing is succesfully set and the following devices  which are connected to RUTX12 enjoy speed from 3 Simcards.

Now I installed in the LAN network outgoing from RUTX12 CCTV with a Recorder, but I would also like to add a camera in the area where the RUTX11 is placed, but this Router is not connected to the LAN.

Is there any way without switching just the cable and loosing the third internet access, that I can use a camera at RUTX11 and it will record on the NVR which is connected to RUTX12 ?

Thank you for any ideas hints or comments that would help me.

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by anonymous


Regarding the scenario you want to implement you can implement it like this way: 

Sample Scenario: (Correct me if I am wrong my guess you are connecting it like this way) 

If the image is not clear you can check it here:

So, the scenario is you want to connect Camera 2 to the NVR. The most efficient solution to do this is through port-forwarding. The main requirement to do this is to know is what port is Camera 2 trying to access with NVR as default it will be 554, 80, 8000, and 8200 but depends on the camera it's better to double-check.  

Now if you have this information configure the Camera 2 Server IP address to be the RUTX12 Wired WAN IP address ( from the RUTX11 in my scenario). 

Then create a new port-forward rule in RUTX12 similar to this: 

For a clearer image, you can refer to this link:

You need to create similar rules for 8000 and 8200. 

Let me know the results. 


Best answer
by anonymous
Hey Mellow,

thank you for your helpful comment and the detailed graphic !

You picked up the scenario totally correct!

After I add this forwarding rule some other parameters can be set in the editing window. You mean as source IP address I select the RUTX11 and also source port 8000 (in my case). Then there is also a parameter for external IP address  ? Internal IP I understood has to be the NVR IP address.

I can check if its working end of the week and will let you know then.

Thank you
by anonymous
Hi Mellow,

I got the hardware, everything is working as it should. Thanks again.

I actually have another question which does not really belong here but makes it easier with the background knowledge.

Is it possible to access also MOB1 and MOB2 from RUTX12 in RUTX11?