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I am unable to get bridge mode working when using a custom APN. I have this working on a number of RUT240 units without issue.

the TRB140 is using 02.06.1 firmware which seens to be the latest.

I have tested the unit in all modes with a SIM on Auto APN and it works fine but as soon as I use a SIM with custom APN, only the NAT mode works.

Anybody have a similar issue?
Little update on this

Custom APN does work on this device but not with my IoT SIM cards that have a dynamically assigned static IP by the mobile provider.

So to sum it up. All modes work with regular SIM cards but only NAT mode works with these sepcific IoT SIM cards and custom APN.

And to add insult to injury the same does not apply to other Teltonika devices as it works flawlessly on RUT240 devices.

I would definitely classify this as a serious bug. Enfuriating as the TRB140 would match my needs perfectly.
Just wanted to add that I have the exact same issue. I have sent the troubleshoot file to Ahmed privately & have requested a product substitution from my supplier.

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Thank you for contacting.

I have tested it on my side and its working fine without any issues.

I was able to get the bridge mode working with custom APN.

Check if you are using the correct APN .

Also check if your other device is not on a static IP.



Obviousely I have already done these things before posting a question.

The issue is not really "what am I doing wrong" but more of a "is anyone else aware of this bug" kind of question.

As I stated in the descritpion of the fault, I have this working on other devices with the same SIM card and the funcionality is there as long as it is not a custom APN on this particular device.

The APN is of a specific kind without internet access and staticlly assigned IP adresses so it could be the cause of the issue works fine on a RUT240 device. Both Bridge and Passthough so the issue is still device specific.

Could you try to reboot the device after saving the configurations.

Let me know the results.

My god your expectations are extremely low. Testing has been thorough and includes rebooting.

Even though it is extremely unlikely that in 2021 the answer to a question like this is: "the problem was that you didn't reboot the device after saving the configuration"

I already know that the issue is the device itself and it has now been put back in the box and on a shelve under the category "junk", never to be used again as it does not work according to specs.


Thank you for your reply. 

May i get the troubleshoot file for the device?

Please make sure this event is logged in the device troubleshoot file . 

If the device is rebooted so the logs must be lost. 

Keep the device on for 10-15 minutes and send me a troubleshoot file in DM.