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Hello - some background:

- I configured the router by resetting to factory defaults, enabling failover for WAN and mobile sim card, and changing IP to

- I am using visible wireless sim card

- I have updated the APN settings to use VSBLINTERNET

- The data connection seems to work well

- I configured an SMS event to send a message to +1XXXXXXXXXX upon successful authentication to the web UI

It seems however, no SMS is ever sent. I was able to SSH into the router and try this command with no success:

gsmctl --sms --debug --send "00XXXXXXXXXX test"

GSMCTL error: unknown error code (-11)


 It would also seem that occasionally, the status in the 'failover' tab shows as '-' even when both interfaces are connected.

Thank you for your help!

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Seems to be an issue with Visible wireless. T-Mobile sim card can send/receive texts just fine.
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