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Hi all,

I've set-up the RUTX10 to an existing wireless network as the WWAN for the RUTX10 to connect my LAN (Ethernet and wireless) to the internet and this works great UNTIL the wireless network for the WWAN goes down (for instance if the wireless network is not available) THEN you can't connect anymore to the access point of the RUTX10 (is not even visible anymore).


  • Fresh reset and latest firmware.
  • LAN settings:
    • (
    • Ethernet
    • Wireless: SSID "Internal WiFi"
  • WWAN settings:
    • Scanned via Wireless network page and connected to SSID "External WiFi" as client.
      • wan firewall
      • WWAN interface
    • This works and the LAN has access to the internet via ethernet and "Internal WiFi"


  • Situation "External WiFi" goes down due to external issue.
  • "Internal WiFi" can't be reached anymore, network users can't find the SSID "Internal WiFi" anymore.
    • What did I test already?
      • When I disable the "External WiFi"-client connection (after the "External WiFi" went down) on the RUTX web tool the SSID "Internal WiFi" becomes directly available again.

How can I tackle this one?

1 Answer

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Sorry for the late response.

Please, send me a troubleshoot file via pm. (System->Administration->Troubleshoot)

Best regards.