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by anonymous
I have a RUT950 which i have plugged a Cisco access point into. The cisco access point is saying it does not have an IP address form a DHCP server. The Rut is running like a normal router so thought this should be plug and play, however the RUT does not show the Cisco's Mac and appear in the list. The cisco is new, with power. Anyone any idea what settings i am missing in the RUT.  thank you in advance
by anonymous
come on Teltonika community don't let me down, all questions answered successfully so far!

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by anonymous

You could try to check if your RUT DHCP server is enabled by navigating Network > LAN. Also, try to add a static lease for the Cisco device in the same configuration window. Additionally double-check if you connect devices correctly (Ethernet cable should go to RUT LAN port and Cisco WAN port).

Moreover, please use the latest firmware version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.2.

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by anonymous
Cisco insist it is to to with a VRRP setting and we need this turned off. I have however made sure the is no VRRP's and the service is switched off. I am not a techy but the Cisco need to have VRRP turned of to enable it to collect a second IP address if this makes sense? Seems i am missing a very simple setting somewhere.

Possibly to do with the same issue but i am trying to connect a Landroid Mower to the same router and after lots of communication with Worx i still cannot get it to connect.

does the above ring any bells can anyone offer any light?