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I tried different Simcards, also new ones, but the RUT950 cannot find a simcard. (not in slot 1 or 2)

The IMEI field shows allways N/A, I guess independet of 3/4g connection, in each case this field should show something

Last Firmware 05.01.5 ist installed

Anyone an idea how i could fix the issue ?

thanks in advance


Thank you for the question. The IMEI field should definitely be showing something. If it is not, there may be a problem with your modem.

Can you attach your router's Troubleshoot file? The issue may show up there. You can download it from the router's WebUI, System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section.

You can use WeTransfer to create a download link:

Important note: before pulling the Troubleshoot file from the router you should remove any confidential information that may be present in your configuration (passwords for some services, public IPs, phone numbers, etc.). The router's admin password doesn't show up anywhere in the Troubleshoot file.

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Did you inserted SIM cards while router was powered on? If so - after inserting SIM card to the router while router was powered on try rebooting device, or reboot modem in Status -> Network -> Mobile -> Reboot modem
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Thanks for fast response

I uploaded  the trouble analytics file here.
Would be great if you could guide me, how to proceed

Answer to the question below: SIM card was pluged in when Router power was off.
So no need to reboot  modem


Ok, here's what I was able to find:

  • The router can find and identify the modem
  • I can't see the IMEI as well (don't know why though)
  • The modem seems to "disappear" periodically after boot up
  • You are using PPP connection type without a dialling number. Which shouldn't even be possible except maybe if you set it up on an older firmware and upgraded with keep settings.
To sum up, it looks like there might be a problem with the modem. But you should first try resetting the router, entering the parameters over again and don't forget to include a dialling number for your PPP connection. If that doesn't work, you should contact your sales manager so he can get you in touch with Teltonika's support for further analysis.
FInally I checked 3 RTU950 modems.

Two of them are not reccognizing an Austian A1 Sim Card,
Only one is working fine.

HW version is 0808
Bootoader and Firmware on the  last version

Is there a known problem with some simcards, or just bad luck that only one of 3 modems is working ?
The first defect one is already on the way to Teltonika
Depends. If the IMEI isn't showing like the last time, it's probably the modem.

Who knows, might be something wrong with that batch of modems.
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The RU950 was alread resetted with factory parameter.

I'm uising a nanosim with adapter. Could such simcard adapter be responsible for the problem ?

usually you can't get a big simcard anymore, and even if you be careful, the sim is broken out of the provider adapter ;-(

You mentioned maybe a problem with the modem, but when i use the second sim slot, also no imei can be found.

So two defect modems ?
Using an adapter shouldn't have a negative impact (I always use a nano SIM with an adapter in my router). And even if the SIM is damaged, the modem should still be visible.

The router has only one modem. So it makes sense that if it is defect, the second SIM slot won't work too.

I suggest you contact your sales person for information on the warranty service. There's clearly an issue with the modem.

Any updates on your case ?
Poor product without any error Alerts when it doesn’t work. So we are just left with a device which isn’t connected to LTE !