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by anonymous

RUT XR1 / MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

The Router is used to manage Internet inflow via Wired and Mobile (Failover).

After restarting my systems (power off - power on of several devices, also the RUT XR1) the device is not booting "completely". The green lights on the WAN/LAN Section, and also the Power-LED are working normally. But the internet-section (mobile & wired) is shut down. No lights and no connection. I can not access the admin center by typing the IP adress into the browser.

This allready happened the second time. The first time, after shut down the device overnight, it rebooted correctly the next day and eveything was working smooth. Because this happened the second time I'm very concerned about working with this device in heavy duty while livestreaming.

Does someone have a explanation for this issue, or is there something wrong with the device. Is there a way of fixing this issue on the fly, whitout waiting to the next day?

Many thanks for your reply.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

I would like to suggest you reboot the device again if this behavior reproduces, may even do a cold reboot (unplug power cable). Also, I would like to suggest using the latest firmware version available (RUTX_R_00.02.06.1).

by anonymous

Hi VykintasKuzma

Many thanks for your reply.

The latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.02.06.1) is allready installed.

I cold reboot the device always with power on and off. The device is built in a rack and has no power button (i think).

Update: As I supposed, the device booted properly the next day and works fine again. Spooky. I can not reproduce the issue at will. Once its down, I can not get it running in appropriate time. Makes it useless in professional circumstances.

So i assume the issue could be produced by a faulty device then?

by anonymous

Yes, there is a possibility that your device is faulty.

In case it starts repeating, you should contact your reseller or Teltonika sales manager to proceed with RMA procedure to return the device.