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I am running a RUT955 with latest firmware The transmission of GPS position first works but then stops after a while (few hours) in service with the following error messages in syslog:

daemon.err gpsd: Failed to read seceived response of sent AVL packets in TCP form

daemon.warn gpsd: Read returned an error. lost 2 bytes.

The AVL Server is a Traccar instance running on my private webspace.

Thanks for your support
I have the same problem here   communication to the traccar server is not resumed after internet connection loss.  how can I harden the tracking reliability?

what happened after you sent the  troubleshoot log?  did you get an answer?  could teltonika help you?

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Could you share with me a copy of the troubleshoot file of the device when it is having this issue kindly don't reboot or turn off the device before taking the troubleshoot file. You can get it by navigating to System > Administration > Troubleshoot and then click download.

ok, troubleshoot file was sent
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I was in contact with the service staff but they could not help me. Last proposal was to try another platform than traccar.

This is not helpful.

Furthermore, my device has some other problems like: sporadical no IP assignment via DHCP, sporadical loss of wifi connection, sporadical no internet when connected to a VPN as client and so on.

From hardware point of view, this device seems to be great but the software is a disaster. I am looking in parallel for alternative device because this one cost me so much time until now.