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I have recently connected multiple RUT950's to my RMS platform with no issues, it looks as if the credits have run out causing all my devices to show offline. I have since purchased more credits to the account and activated them but after selecting the relevant devices id like to apply these credits to they no longer come back online. Do i have to attend site to get the routers back on or can i force a reconnecting remotley?

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I am experiencing the same issue with RUT240s. Credits ran out, I bought new credits, added them to my account/company yesterday but they do not come back online today. RUTs have been restarted this morning (shop opening)
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When you run out of credits and device monitoring month expire, you will need to enable service manually in the Services > Management tab.

It may take longer to reconnect if devices were offline for some time, the router enters standby mode and will try to reconnect only once in 6 hours.

You could only manually try to connect to the RMS if you have access to the router.