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by anonymous

I'm a beginner and completly new to both MQTT and the RUT systems, but I want to send the incoming data from the rs232 port to a MQTT broker. I have set up data to server exactly how it was described here but it still doesn't send anything. I assume I did something wrong with the slaves but I just don't understand how I should set it up. Any form of guidance would be very much appreciated!

by anonymous
HI can you help how did you read serial port data and push into MQTT broker and then configure the " data to server"

What is happening, is MQTT broker message queue has serial data as persistent storage?

can you help with your custom script?


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Have you set-up your requests correctly? Can you manually test the request and see if it returns the correct value? If you're using Data to server functionality you have to make sure that requests are more frequent than the sending time of "Data to server", because if Data to Server is going to execute quicker - it will send nothing.

So please, try again setting up your slaves from the start, make sure all the requests are tested and working, and only then try sending the data over MQTT.

Please use this wiki link as a reference for your further steps.