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by anonymous
Dear Teltonika support,

traveling subsequently through different countries, I want to stay connected to the Internet. In SIM card slot 1 I have permanently mounted a prepaid SIM card for the country where I live, and in SIM card slot 2 I intend to mount prepaid SIM cards of the countries I'm visiting.

When leaving my home country I want to disable SIM card slot 1 and switch to SIM card slot 2 as long as I'm traveling abroad.

In RUT955 UI I didn't find a "switch" to enable/disable SIM card slots. I just found a means for automatic SIM switching based on different rules. What happens using such a rule (e.g. roaming) for SIM card slot 1 and in SIM card slot 2 there is no SIM card mounted?

Can you please help to solve my scenario? Is there a possibility to just enable/disable SIM card slots?

Thanks in advance and best regards

by anonymous
When do you think I can expect an answer?

Thanks, Guenther
by anonymous
Concerning this question, it seems to me that complete Teltonika support is in holiday for a while :=)).

My question is now 1.5 month old.

BR Guenther

1 Answer

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by anonymous

i am still having this issue, please let me know if you get the answer.