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by anonymous

I have a RUT850 with firmware 1.04. Enabling the NTP client works fine, time is correct everywhere except the Status - Overview - System page where it is always 10 seconds  behind. This seems not so severe to me but makes we wonder how this can happen.

Thanks for a clue


2 Answers

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by anonymous

Could you provide your NTP configuration screenshot and also results where you could point out the incorrect time? I would like to report that to our developers.

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by anonymous

Thanks for taking care of my issue!

I think I have found the culprit. NMEA forwarding was enabled but the server was not reachable, so CPU load was > 95 %. This seems to make the overview page hang massively so that the display is way behind. Disabling NMEA forwarding (or activating the server) solved the issue.

I found this because when I logged on from the computer that was defined as NMEA target everything was OK, time was right and CPU load < 15 %. If that machine was shut down and I used another one the issue came up.

Handling a non-responsive server might in turn be the root cause to forward to the developers because this might happen at any time with any server.

Thanks again and have a nice day


BTW: GPS fixes after a power cycle are much faster now: 1:20 instead of up to 5 minutes :-)