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by anonymous

Hallo Teltonika Community.
I already have the Premium VPN Service from And I used until now only the Client Installer for Windows 10 on my Home Computer. Further I use the Teltonika Load Balancing router RUTX12 with 3 Internet Sources. Without active VPN, the Load Balancing is working properly with all 3 Internet Sources (high simultaneous Data Transver).

Finally the problem:
But the Client Software can't support Load Balancing for all 3 Internet Sources. Every times  use only 1 Internet Source. So, at the moment I have no idea to set up Load Balancing for all 3 Internet Sources.
But maybee there is a possibility to install the VPN direct on the router?

I see, that the Premium Service "NordVPN" is probably working with the router RUTX12, because there is a possibility in the VPN folder to "Enable External Service" NordVPN.

I think, if the NordVPN is working, the Service should working also.

I see on the website, that has an OpenVPN configuration file for Linux to download. I see also, that has a "Legacy OpenVPN-Konfiguration"-File for download. 

Therefore, please let me know if that Load Balancing is possible with VPN. Also I need help to set up VPN on this Teltonika RUTX12 router.

My Router:

Thank you in advance

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Device is not tested with so I am not able to tell you how to set it up correctly. The best shot would be asking providers themselves and troubleshooting this issue from their point of view. As for now - I can't tell what is missing for as there could be additional arguments or functions that are missing and we do not know of.

by anonymous


Thank you. The guys from told me, that OpenVPN2.3 and OpenVPN2.4 should working with the given Linux ovpn-file. Now I start to set up OpenVPN on the router. According the Tutorial I should first install Luci and work with SSH.

*** Tutorial***

My First Idea was to upload the luci package (package manager) to the router
But in the Internet I not find the right Luci-package-files to download.


So, I tryed to install with the Windows SSH.  

First command:       opkg update

Second command:  opkg install luci

But now, I see many errors (see pic)
- But that file is already provided by package

- Cannot install package luci.

What I do wrong?

Best Regards


by anonymous

OpenVPN is already installed in the firmware of the device and is higher than version 2.3, so if support is correct - you can try injecting the config file straight away without any additional installations of other packages.

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by anonymous

VPN it is still not working. "Disconnect" all the time. The support says, that no user name is entered. But I entered x times and click "Save".
Ohter try with this:





</auth-user-pass> working.
Maybee I will try with an external password file.

Now a new Problem with the new Router Firmware RUTX_R_00.07.00
If i give in manually all data, now I can not change TUN/TAP to tunnel. Why?

by anonymous
test test test test
by anonymous

OK. Miracle Miracle.... Now i'm connected to or NordVPN. But I don't know exactly why. First I loaded the ovpn file. Second I modified a lot. After that I changed to NordVPN (chose button) and Custom Server (now system changed to united Kingdown). But real I think it is connected with because my user ID and pass is from

Is there a way to connect normal? Do you see why this not working on the normal way?
And my IP is not hided with VPN now. What is next Step to set up load balancing VPN?

by anonymous
I got feedback from but I don't understand what to do:

The log shows:

Tue Jul 20 10:35:03 2021 daemon.warn openvpn(hide_me1)[30113]: WARNING: You have specified redirect-gateway and redirect-private at the same time (or the same option multiple times). This is not well supported and may lead to unexpected results


Tue Jul 20 10:37:42 2021 daemon.warn openvpn(hide_me1)[2821]: sitnl_send: rtnl: generic error (-13): Permission denied

Is the IPv6 enabled on your router?

If not, please enable it.

Alternatively, you will have to disable IPv6 in OpenVPN connection by adding:

pull-filter ignore "dhcp-option DNS6"

pull-filter ignore "ifconfig-ipv6"

pull-filter ignore "redirect-gateway ipv6"

to the ovpn file.
I can not find IP Version 6 enable.

I try to activate Firewal-TrafficRules Allow-openvpn-traffic but It did not work at the end. I deactivated again. shows me that i NOT VPN-HIDE.

Nothing with router-VPN is working at the moment. ONLINE connected, but not working! My Patience is soon finish.