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I've setup the device to send an email on mobile events, using the following pattern:

Device name - %rn; Event type - %et; Event text - %ex; Time stamp - %ts;
Mobile ip addr: %mi slot %su cellid %ci
network info %ni neighbour cells %nb

With IPv6 enabled the result is:

Device name - RUTX11; Event type - Mobile Data; Event text - Mobile data connected (internal modem); Time stamp - 2021:07:05 05:23:40;
Mobile ip addr:, slot sim2 cellid xxxxxx
network info +QNWINFO: "FDD LTE","20810","LTE BAND 20",6300 neighbour cells +QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",6300,242,-6,-78,-55,0,-,-,-,-,-
+QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",6300,107,-20,-95,-63,0,-,-,-,-,-
+QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",6300,241,-18,-91,-64,0,-,-,-,-,-
+QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",6300,106,-20,-95,-63,0,-,-,-,-,-
+QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",6300,120,-20,-107,-67,0,-,-,-,-,-
+QENG: "neighbourcell intra","LTE",6300,417,-20,-93,-62,0,-,-,-,-,-

The IPv6 field format is questionable, albeit numerically correct. And it is never reported for sim1.


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Could you share with me a copy of the troubleshoot file of the device for this. Mainly the reason why it is not sending the status of SIM 1 because you are using SIM 2 RUTX11 doesn't have two LTE modules meaning only one sim card can work at a time. RUTX12 is having two LTE modules built with it which is why it is working with 2 SIMS at the same time.