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The TRB140 only registers in the 3G Telefonica network but cannot connect to the private APN.

Entry of the private APN is correct. Firmware is R_00.02.06.1
Roaming is enabled, but only works on 2G (Telekom or Vodafone) on 4G no roaming, no Telefonica registration.

Using a Telekom or Vodafone M2M card in TRB140 works fine in 2G & 4G.
Telefonica M2M card works in other 2G/4G devices (AVM, Itron) also without problems.

The Telefonica M2M card is a Spanish card to be used in the German network, does the TRB140 have a problem with roaming?
after restoring again and all settings via the wizard, the card now runs without problems. ;)

Still suspect some wrong setting in the background from the other M2M cards.
Therefore, always recommend when changing cards with other operator or APN to make a restore.

Kind regards

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Glad you got your issues solved.

Have a nice day.