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by anonymous

Hi All..

I've established an IPSEC VPN between my PFSense box at home on a static IP and my RUT955 in my motorhome on a dynamic IP  the PFSense is set as "responder only" and establishes perfectly. The problem is that no traffic passes through the tunnel. I'm guessing its firewall / routing? Could you guys take a look at my config and possibly see where I've messed up?

by anonymous
Hi there - I am having the same issue (but with a RUT240) - did you find out what was causing the traffic not to flow through the tunnel?

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by anonymous


Regarding the issue you are having I would like you to check if you are using the latest firmware for the RUT955 you are having the latest firmware that can be download from this link: RUT955 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

It is suggested when you are doing a firmware upgrade to do it without keeping the settings to prevent configuration conflicts. After the firmware upgrade kindly reconfigures everything and try checking if it is working fine now. If the issue still persists it's best to try turning off the firewall of the devices connected to each end to prevent errors.