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by anonymous


with old RMS website (http) and firmware  we hade a working chain.
But now we cannot rebuild this.
We updated RUT240 device to firmware 00.1.04_2 and use the https website.
TargetDevice ist connectet to RUT via LAN and DHCP (this TargetDevice is shown in WebUI) - fine.

But we can not get a remote access on TargetDevice. VIA RMS / Actions/ Access  create an new link. But the created link on info page alway link to WebUI from RUT.
And the name is not shown, only a "-" is shown.

How can i fix it?


1 Answer

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by anonymous
Tanks for fast answer.
Yes i know this manual, and i use also port 80 ( this is http port - also tested with 443 but this also doesnt work)
But the now the rms site is an https site. But maybe this is not the problem.

first: why is in the red circled area not my defined name shown?
second: and why does the link on red circled area also go on webUI and not on my adjusted IP Adress ?!?
Hard to say without troubleshoot package from router what is happening with your device.

Basically seems like incorrect configuration. You could try to restore settings to defaults and try again to reconfigure it, perhaps something went wrong when you was upgrading router firmware.