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I have a RUT240, firmware version RUT2XX_R_00.01.12.3 that cannot be accessed via WebUI.

I need to direct customer to loggin to the RUT240 and check settings.
What should I check besides RMS enabled and connected.

Thank you in advance, your assistance is appreciated.

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First of all, please update your firmware version to the latest available one for your device.

Are you trying to connect through public IP or RMS?

RMS, I am remote from the RUT240

The DDNS stopped working (I may have enabled WebUI Access Secure in SYSTEM/ADMIN/ACCESS CONTROL/SAFETY).

I tried to update the firmware, through RMS but it times out.

As I said I need to restore WebUI access with customer checking the settings, I need to direct customer to do a local loggin via WiFi then check settings. What should I get him to check, I have to give instructions over the phone.