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Please, describe in more detail what you are trying to achieve?

Best regards.
Maybe it is mission impossible.

I have connecter tipical Siemens 1200 PLC on LAN site.

After open the tunnel from PC to TRB140 I can manage this PLC from PC.

But , if I open WWW page on PC, data comming from gsm card installed on TRB140.

Also any internet connections in background on PC read data from TRB140.

I want to achieve situation, that only data from PLC comming from TRB140.

Is it possible to do...?
I didn't quite understand the connection topology.

The PLC is connected to the TRB, a VPN connection is established between the PC and the TRB. Is it correct?
One PLC is connected to TRB on RJ45 port.

As you wrote, VPN is established between PC and TRB, (OpenVPN).
If the computer is not directly connected to TRB, it cannot use the mobile data of your TRB, because it has a different source of internet connection.