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I have a gateway connected to a RUT240 runing on 4G. I would like to have access to the webinterface on my gateway through RMS. My gateway only has a WAN port where the RUT240 is connected through. To got access to the webinterface I have to use the AP on the gateway, and then I can connect to webinterface on

The RUT gives the gateway the following IP If I try add a device under remote http and enter as IP, I'm not able to connect. How can I solve this? Do I need to enable "remote http access" under System -> Administration -> Access Control ? I have no trouble connecting using CLI and then ssh using What is the best solution to solve this? I did read up on something called ip route?

Should I make some routing changes on my gateway or do I need to change something on my RUT240?

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As long as you're running an HTTP(S) service on that particular gateway - RUT240 should let RMS connect to it no matter what.

Could you please reset your router, update it to the latest firmware and see if without any configuration you're able to access it?

It also could be that the gateway itself is blocking the connection from RMS.


It was the gateway that had a firewall rule blocking me for getting access. I solved it by adding a rule to the iptable. Another question. I'm trying to update the firmware on my gateway through the web interface. The file is around 10mb. Is there a limit for the filesize through remote http on RMS? Because I keep getting the following error/timeout

When I connect trough the wifi on the RUT240, and then access my gateway webinterface, I don't get any error.