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by anonymous
Hi all, I was hoping somebody could help me with an issue I am facing in getting an Ethernet wired NAS connected to the RUTX11. I have a WD My Cloud Home NAS. I used to have it wired via a regular TPlink router in my home and it worked fine and was accessible. I am now trying to connect it to the RUTX11. It seems to connect properly based on the lights on the NAS, but I can not access it from my computer that is also connected to the RUTX11 via Wifi.

Any ideas on how to remedy this?



1 Answer

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by anonymous
If you have had this connected to another network before, has it a fixed or static IP address that is out with that of the current router.

E.g it is on 192.168.0.xx and your current router is giving out 192.168.1.xx
by anonymous
Thanks Newbuilder,

I do not know if it had a static assigned IP tbh. Is there a way to find out if that is the issue?

The NAS is a plug and play Western Digital Mycloud home. In the past I had it hooked up via ethernet cable to one of the lan ports of ny TP link home router and it showed up as a drive in windows.

Now I am trying to do the same with the RUTX11 and it won’t show up as a drive nor is the drives http page unavailable. The drive seems to be connecting to the router / network based on the solid blue LED which is suposed to indicate stable connection to the network.

Does anybody have success in connecting an ethernet based NAS to the RUTX11? Any settings that need to be changed   for it to work.

Big thanks,