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by anonymous
I have customers with a number of identical Dahua NVRs that use the P2P system. The customers that are on fixed broadband with standard routers don't have an issue but I have 1 customer that has a Dahua with an RUT240 and O2 UK SIM card.

The camera works fine when using the Dahua Mobile app but we have an issue with a Windows application called Smart PSS which logs into all of the NVRs.

On the NVR attached to the RUT240, the app works as it should do, i.e. log in and see the cameras online etc.  At this point there is no streaming video, even so there is an excessive amount of UDP data transmission.  In the space of 10 minutes, up to 1GB of "data" is transferred, but its not camera footage..

I have raised this with Dahua who cannot explain what the data is, as the source and destination ports are not ones that they utilise.  They advised that I try another router, which I have done so.

I've tried another RUT240, and a TP Link MR6400, both with O2 UK SIM cards.  On the RUT240, there is excessive data transfer.  On the TP Link, there is no data transfer, everything works as it should on the TP Link.  But on both RUT240, there is excessive data.

Dahua have looked at packet traces and they cannot fathom what the data is, even though its originating from their NVR, its not data that they recognise.  They've asked that I contact Teltonika for assistance as there could be something within the config that causes this.

Any assistance grateful!

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by anonymous

Regarding the issue, you are having could you share some more information on how is the said application working? Because the configuration of RUT240 is just to give you network connectivity it will not do anything in the communication part instead it will just provide connectivity to the internet to the device connected to it? Is the Dahua NVR connected to the RUT240? Is the RUT240 having a public IP address for the software to reach it? How everything is connected?

Kindly share with me a sketch or drawing on how everything is connected and a short brief explanation of what ports are used by the software for communication between NVR and the Software/App.