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by anonymous

I attempted to update my firmware from 6.08.3 to 7.00.

The firmware downloads but gives me a warning when attempting to install "This device's provisioning doesn't allow it to be upgraded to a firmware version newer than RUT9_R_00.07.00 Ensure to get a correct firmware image and try to upgrade again." This was done from the upgrade firmware page. Does anyone know what this means? Has my modem reached its end of life upgrade?

Thanks in advance.
by anonymous
Did you try to flash the new firmware using the bootloader menu as well?
by anonymous

I would also like to know if the support for the RUT955H7VXXX and other models is truly canceled? I can't believe it... crying

Or do they just don't release version 07.xx???

I have bought the device on 6th January 2019, please "teltonika" learn from the smartphone world and do not repeat there mistakes!!! (2 1/2 years of support is to less)

by anonymous
FFS , my router is legacy already? last time I by teltonika..

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Product code of your device is RUT955H7VXXX. This is not Facelifted device and it's not capable with RUT9_R_00.07.00 firmware.

This firmware is only capable with devices with product codes: RUT955 *03**0

by anonymous

Where did you find this information? I could find no mention of this in the firmware download pages. I have an old design RUT950 myself but haven't yet tried the upgrade after reading all the comments about the new firmware.
by anonymous
It was teltonika themselves who told me, I opened a ticket with them because I am a VIP member.
by anonymous
Ok, good to know. I probably won't be able to upgrade my device either then. When this is really the case IMO it should be clearly stated in the fw download page.
by anonymous

Thanks for the information. If this is the case then it should not be available for download in the first place.

Firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.00
Firmware Available On Server
by anonymous

Do you mean my RUT955H7VXXX bought three years ago has become a "legacy product"?

Is Teltonika - that doesn't inform anybody about the issue - abble to solve it or at least be clear to his consumers?

Last question shold be answered ASAP by the Teltonika crew.

Seems not first class brand to launch an upgrade to the market unusefull for recent products.

by anonymous

*RUTOS 7.0 shall be supported by all but following legacy-design RUT950 and RUT955 devices: RUT950 *G1*** and RUT955 *7V*** respectively.

My device is RUT950 G1. No more updates for me then :(

by anonymous


I also have a RUT955H7VXXX I'm experiencing the same issue (verification failed while attempting to install the proposed firmware update).

Here's what I see from the panel:

Also, from the sms-cli the router is responding to the "status" command with "New FW available - Yes".

What's the cause issue of this situation and how can I solve it?

Thanks and Regards

by anonymous

Apparently there is no issue to solve as the production of legacy design RUT950/955 ended at the beginning of the year and Teltonika have decided to not support these devices with newer firmwares anymore.
by anonymous
Nice work Teltonika, both for not supporting your product and for allowing a firmware upgrade that can’t be installed. Goodbye hello Comset