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I have a RUT240, and when I ping to the LAN side, I get ping time of ~1 ms

When I Ping the WAN side (the DHCP issued IP from the ISP) of the RUT240, I get time times between 100ms and 400ms. The Rut240 is really slow to handle the traffic. It was not like this when I installed it, it added almost nothing to the traffic time. This is affecting the whole network all network traffic outbound to the internet is slowed by this amount.

I am not using QoS or port forwarding. I have the most recent firmware. In fact, it may have started just after recently downloading and upgrading to the latest firmware.

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Thank you for contacting.

May i know from where you are trying to ping the WAN IP of Rut because i have also tried to ping one of my WAN IP and its also showing the high range on Rutx11 that is CAT6 . It depends on distance between 2 locations or if there are two different ISPs .

In case you are on same ISP its best to check your mobile Parameters :


Try to use both the mobile antennas and also check if the antennas are properly connected.