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by anonymous


From /etc/config/event_reporting, slightly edited:

config rule              
        option enable '1'
        option event 'Mobile Data'
        option action 'sendEmail' 
        option subject 'rutx ip addr'
        option emailgroup 'xxx'       
        list recipEmail 'xxxx@xxxx'
        option senderEmail 'xxxxx@xxxx'
        option smtpPort '587'                       
        option smtpIP 'xxxxxxx@xxxxx'                 
        option secureConnection '1'
        option message 'Device name - %rn; Event type - %et; Event text - %ex; Time stamp - %ts;^M
Mobile ip addr: %mi slot %su cellid %ci^M                                                         
network info %ni neighbour cells %nb'                                                             
        option password 'xxxxxx'     
        option userName 'xxxxxx@xxxxx'
        option eventMark ' connected'

This rule worked fine in version 02.06.1 an email was sent each time the interface mob1s[12]a1 became active but doesn't anymore in version 00.07.00

A similar one triggered by config changes still works so the cause is not somewhere in the parameters or on the side of the smtp server.


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by anonymous
Hi flebourse,

Have you updated with kept settings or without keeping them?

It might be that something changed in the config with 07.00 and now as it is saved from the other version - it could cause it to not work.

The reason I'm saying this is because I just checked with an identical configuration and I have no issues getting the email on the data connection.

by anonymous
I've done the update keeping the settings.

Deleting the event reporting and re-creating it doesn't help. I'll dig further.

by anonymous

The event is still missing after a factory reset.

Did you try with the same event string and PDP set to IPv4 + IPv6:

Device name - %rn; Event type - %et; Event text - %ex; Time stamp - %ts;
Mobile ip addr: %mi slot %su cellid %ci
network info %ni neighbour cells %nbDevice name - %rn; Event type - %et; Event text - %ex; Time stamp - %ts


by anonymous
At the end I have found it, events reporting works once after upgrade/downgrade without keeping the settings, or factory reset.