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Trying to sort out some problems with my two RUT950's, there are discrepancies between the manual and my firmware - so determined I need new firmware...

Evidently the bootloader doesn't select the latest compatible firmware for my old hardware
latest factory firmware: 'Size: 10.94 MB (9.44 MB available)'
 - so I need new bootloader ? 

Read messages from a year ago that the bootloader may brick old hardware - what's the latest, is it fixed or are my RUT950's useless ?

Also where is the bootoader?

Serial number 07137858
Product code RUT9501010M1
Batch number 0202
Hardware revision 0016
current firmware 12.636.11.01.00

1 Answer

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We no longer give clients direct access to bootloader firmware for the same reason that you've just provided.

Could you please tell me what is the issue exactly (is it that you can't see the latest firmware available?).

Also, what is the bootloader version right now on your device? Have you tried updating your device to newer firmware manually?