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I just had an RUT950 in a remote location reset to default inexplicably. The FW was RUT9XX_R_00.06.05.3.

Thankfully it was still reconnecting to RMS (how?) so I got into the config with the default password and made the required changes to get it back to production.

The device was using the supplied AC/DC power supply. Unclear at this stage if there was any power surges.

Device is not naked.

Can Teltonika advise what conditions may cause this please.

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A small voltage shock with no grounding could've wiped the RAM memory, maybe a spike in powering or just something stopped working with no reason.

These are really rare and there are too many factors to find the real cause of the issue.

But for safety's sake please try to find a way to keep an eye on power, if the voltage is stable and there's nothing that could shock the device.

Also, please update the device to the latest firmware, sometimes software could be the reason for these too.

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