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by anonymous
There don't seem to be any interface statistics like for all the other interfaces in the GUI. I need to verify the device I am connecting to is actually sending data over the serial link.

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by anonymous

For this, you would need some kind of application that would be able to analyze the data coming from the RS232.

Another way to check if the data is coming through is to use Data to Server functionality of RUT955 which should forward all the RS232 incoming data to some kind of server.

Lastly, you could check your device connected to RUT955, it may perhaps have some kind of status or troubleshoot that could say if the connection was established successfully or not.

by anonymous
Aren't there any serial counters at all for serial communications?

I just need to verify data is coming into the RS232  interface successfully before it is sent over IP by the RUT955.

Are there any RutOS commands in the CLI to show status of the RS232 interface?