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by anonymous
Using Vodafone Contract sim in the UK. FW: RUTX_R_00.02.06.1

Seems to work okay when connected, but sometimes drops the connection so takes time to reconnect. Sometimes browsing is really slow, but putting that down to it disconnecting and reconnecting sometimes.

In network/Mobile/General: Service mode is "auto", band selection is "auto"

In Network/Interfaces/General: Protocol is set to "Mobile", Mode is "NAT", Auto APN is "OFF", APN set to ""

In Network/Interfaces/Advanced: Force link is "OFF"

DHCP lease time set to 9999d

Please help!
by anonymous
I am still having this issue. Does anyone else have Sim connections drop regularly?

by anonymous
Things are going from bad to worse!

Before upgrading the firmware as suggested, I had not had to reboot the RUTX11. Since then it has now "crashed" twice. Nothing in the event log, just becomes unresponsive on the wifi. Next time (if I havent sent it back) it does this, I will connect via an ethernet cable and see if I can login.

Other than that, I am still getting disconnections on the sim card connection more than once a day.

I was sold this as been the best I could get, but if I don't have this solved in the next few days, I am sending it back for a refund. It is certainly not fit for purpose.

Can anyone recommend a replacement?


by anonymous
I have been in touch with the supplier who tell me that it is because my sims are not DATA only, that they have tel/sms as well.

This will be a massive PITA for me as I have 2 new sims on contract from Vodafone and Three for this exact requirement.

Can anyone add anything to this. BS or possible?


by anonymous
Nope, this doesn't work either.

I cannot believe these routers get recommended as "top of the range" but there is no support. Shocking.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Have you tried using our latest firmware version?

Do the other SIMs or another operator SIMs work the same way?

What is the signal of the mobile interface? Are you sure that antennas are screwed in tightly?

What's the reason behind such a long DHCP lease time?

by anonymous

I "thought" I had checked the firmware version. Now updating!

Ordered another sim. Should be here today or tomorrow to test different provider.

-74 is the signal.

DHCP just to make sure that isn't causing the issue.

Will report back after upgrade and different sim.

by anonymous
Update so far.

Firmware update not made a difference. Just had a disconnection.

Will get the sim swapped over.
by anonymous
Three sim now up and running, so will see if that disconnects.
by anonymous
Had my first disconnection on the new Sim card, so it is not particular to the Vodafone sim! Three sim is doing the same.

Any more ideas?