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I run latest RUTX_R_00.07.00 on RUTX09.
The new functionality "switch back to default SIM" on RUTX_R_00.07.00 is not really usable with data limit setting !

Obviously when we set data limit it is to avoid to exceed it. So at least "switch back to default SIM" shall not be able to overide it but unfortunatly it does:
I have set on SIM1 data limit and switch to SIM2 on data limit:

I have set on SIM2 "switch back to default SIM" after 1mn:

After a strange double sim switch on data limit (already observed this on previous FW version), I get switch back to SIM1 while data limit is exceeded and no tentative anymore to go to SIM2 to avoid to exceed data limit on SIM1:

So cannot be used with data limit...

Note I also observed in previous FW version overides of data limit on SIM switch to data connection lost see here. As this issue is more difficult to reproduce (need to have data connection loss...) I was not able to retest with this FW, but at the light of this issue I fear it is very likely still there.

I have troubleshoot file availble if usefull, however very easy to reproduce.

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So you've enabled the "Data limit" switch on SIM1 to swap into SIM2 when the data limit is reached.

After that, do you want to stay on that SIM2? What is the reason for "switching to default SIM"? Is your SIM2 working? Have you tried using longer timeout time?