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Firmware version: RUT9_R_00.07.00

1.) If firstly "Network shares" is installed, "DLNA" cannot be installed (message).
2.) Vice versa, if firstly "DLNA" is installed, "Network shares" can be installed (no message).
Yet, in case 2.) the value of memory usage is strange. Refer to screenshots of Overview Widget resp. System Widget.

Status | System Widget

Status | Overview Widget

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I couldn't reproduce the issue with DLNA and Network shares installation order, both ways installed just fine to me.

Could you please reset your router and try doing it again?

Regarding the weird flash value that is showing in Status > System - I will report it to RnD, seems like a miscalculation.


Hi EB, reproduced the problem as follows.

Step What Ram Flash
1 Deinstall DLNA and Network shares
2 Reboot router 56.46% 15.81%
3 Install DLNA 61.21% 50.00%
4 Install Network shares 62.84% 69.03%
5 Deinstall DLNA and Network shares
6 Reboot router 56.56% 15.81%
7 Install Network shares 60.12% 35.48%
8 Install DLNA (message "Not enough space in device") 61.47% 35.48%