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by anonymous

Good morning,


We are an IT company.

We are an IT company.We use the Teltonika routers for our projects. Now we are working to send  commands to the RUT955 by IP network, read them and forward the commands to a device connected to the RS232 port.

We have a question: is it possible to load into the router a python script, or any other language script, so that is listening on a port, to do a http request to send the command and then communicate, from the script, with the RS232 port where our device is connected?

Do you have any other solutions for it?

 Thank you very much

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by anonymous

Yes, you can do a script on our RUT955 and equip it with many packages that opkg and the current architecture that it supports.

With a little bit of research on the third-party packages you should be able to do what you want with the HTTP request part, listening to the port and you should also be able to install python support.

Other way to do it would be by sending direct commands to your RS232 device connected to RUT955. There's an Over IP mode for that.

Please check this wiki so you could understand the functionality of RUT955 better.