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Hallo together,

i buy the RUT240 and create a DDNS from noip for connecting a IP camera.
I startet my project in Germany and it is working.

Now i have it in India and switch only the sim card (New provider Airtel).
APN Information i get from https://my.noip.com/#!/dynamic-dns
I talk with the provider service and they confirm this information.

As i want open my DDNS it show me an error.
I look by noip and they show me the right IP.
Then i thing it could be a block from the provider.
But the service told me. That isn't a provider problem.

My opinion is, that can only a Firewall problem.
But i don't see a setting problem.

Could you help me ?
I could give you a back up to get more information.
Additional information
I use portchecktool.
I get a error with the Reason: Connection timed out.

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Could you please try saving and applying the DDNS service configuration again on RUT240?

Can you ping your noip ddns address from outside network? Somewhere out of india.

Can you ping the public IP address that airtel gave you too?



i talked with with the teltonika support.
They told me i have a Europe Device.

Now i buy a RUT 950 from India.
But i can'T connected with the camera.
What i do wrong..?

Follow settings i did.

  1. I create a DDNS about noip.com and add this by the RUT.
  2. I change the settings by the Firewall -> Port Forwarding and create a new rule for my camera.
  3. I change the settings by System -> Administration-> Access Control (Enable remote HTTP access).

But it will not be work. Now is it my second device what i try to connect.
Could you help?
Is it possible in India ?

Additional Information
I see the Public IP adress by noip.com and that is the same like by the RUT.

Dear teltonika Support,

how i can get a directly support?

For ever helpful information i am thankful!