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by anonymous
Add new firewall zone - press "Add", type any name you like in field "Name" and press "save and apply".

New zone will be created with name "newzone". After you can not rename it also.

But when changing others parameters at the time of zone creation, like inter-zone forwarding, there is a chance, what new zone will be named accordingly your input.

Is it bug or feature?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Fixed in RUTX_R_00.07.01

Best answer
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by anonymous

Thank you for provided information. We were able to reproduce this, and currently consulting with RnD department.
by anonymous


sed -i -e 's/newzone/your_preferred_name/g' /etc/config/firewall

by anonymous
Yes, also you can set name via SSH by using:

 - vi /etc/config/firewall
by anonymous


Attached TEST Firmware release is for this particular issue.
Please check if this specific function works properly now.
Since this is a TEST version of the Firmware, designed to address specific issues, use it only with a handful of devices; you should not use it for your whole fleet.
Once we receive positive feedback from you – these changes will be included into next Master Firmware release version.

Note: without final confirmation that the issue has been resolved these changes will not be included into Master Firmware version, hence shall not be included from the Factory.

FW can be downloaded here.

Looking forward to a feedback.

by anonymous
please repost firmware