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Hi There,

This question has been asked multiple times with some variations. However, in none of the threads the answer can be found.
I have a RUT950J02400 and three different Dutch mobile simcards with 4G (T-Mobile, Vodafone, Ben) and none of the cards are able to establish a mobile data connection.
First I had an older firmware version (something.6.something) I tried setting the APN manually, adding credentials, testing all options and modes I could find. None of it seemed to work.
After reading multiple support threads, I upgraded the firmware to the latest version (something.7.0). Hoping that this would help. Now with the new firmware the problem is still there, there's no connection. Even worse, I can no longer set custom APN options the fields simply don't show up after toggling manual APN.

The unit always sees the simcards when inserted. And in some cases it is sending bytes but not receiving. Most of the times it says something like N/A and I can't seem to find any providers in any situation.
I really don't understand what is wrong. I have the troubleshoot file of my latest attempt avialable.

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Could you please go to WebUI > System > Firmware on 7.0 version and tell me what is the modem version currently installed right now on your device?

I will prepare instructions for you to reflash the modem.