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by anonymous

I'm using an RUT950 on a sailing boat. Our main connectivity is using mobile / 4G connection.

To control data usage of onboard guests we have a SSID with a 'without RADIUS' hotspot set-up. Next to this we have a separate (hidden) SSID with no hotspot for crew use.

As we're sailing between islands we regularly loose the mobile / 4G connection (and it is nice to be disconnected once in a while! :-) )

However when a mobile connection is re-established is seems as the hotspot doesn't come back up. The login portal does not appear again, and any previous logged in hotspot users see 'no internet connection' on their devices. The non-hotspot SSID does re-establish internet connection again.

A reboot does bring the hotspot up again.

Can anybody give some suggestions how I can fix this? Some searching here has not led me to an answer sofar unfortunately.

I've been thinking of an auto-reboot as quick-fix, using ping or wget might cause a lot of reboots when we loose connectivity while sailing so that is probably not a solution. I'll probably set-up a nightly reboot now.

I'm using firmware, I'll upgrade when we are in port longer as I don't want to 'brick' the unit and loose all the boats connectivity while cruising with guests.


4 Answers

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by anonymous

It's unfortunate to hear you're having such issues, but for us to be able to confirm that's still an existent issue - we need you to upgrade the firmware to the latest one available as there were a lot of changes and fixes to this day from the release point.

Once you update the device please let us know of your results and we'll get back to this question.

by anonymous
Thank you. I have just successfully updated the RUT950 to firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3 using the OTA upgrade.

I will report if this helped or not. As additional information, a few days ago I updated the hotspot to 'MAC auth' to give us more control with data per user/guest. The issue with the hotspot not reappearing after loss of internet access appears to be also present with this form of hotspot authentication.

As alternative if this would not work, is there a script to make just the hotspot functionality reboot once in a while?
by anonymous
Hi, with the firmware update the problems still keep on appearing unfortunately.

What I see on various devices:

> Devices already logged in on the hotspot show 'no internet connection' on the SSID with the hotspot.

> Devices trying to log in on the hotspot shoe 'no internet connection' on the SSID with the hotspot.

> hot spot login screen not popping up.

> internet connection working ok on non-hotspot SSID

I'll try to send you the troubleshoot file.
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by anonymous
I've tried a few other things in the meanwhile:

> Set APN to 'auto APN'

> Set 'session timeout' and 'idle timeout' to value '0'. I had left these blank and only added values for download and upload data limits.

This seems to have made the login screen appearing more stable.
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by anonymous
unfortunately it looks like this hasn't helped. Still looking for answers how to solve this. Anyone any tips?
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by anonymous
Hmm the challenges keep on coming!

Upgraded to firmware 7.0 in the hope this would improve matter.

But I had set up 2 hotspot instances on 2 SSID's in the old firmware. Both based on MAC access but with different data limits per hotspot for crew and guests.

In the new 7.0 firmware it seems you can only run 1 hotspot on the device? When I want to add a hotspot to my second SSID it doesn't allow me.

Teltonika, help me out here. Spending way too much time to get it all working...
by anonymous
Having done multiple hotspot systems, based on openwrt, (but not on RUTs,) it looks like failover and "Captive Portal" interfere with each other on your device. Which is not surprising, as both usually "mess around" with the firewall rules.

Especially, as I suspect, that the RUT uses "coova-chilli" as Captive Portal software. Which is rather complicated to be set up properly, even without failover of WAN.

In your case, I suggest to write a short script, to intercept/poll "connection loss" , and to do an auto-reboot, in case "connection up" again.

You can intercept the log messages (logread -f) and filter for "connection" up, OR poll "mwan3 status". (May be, something different used on RUTs flavour of openwrt, to do the failover).