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I had the same issue as some others here, the Sim card I use is working fine on the TP Link 4G router, but not in the recently purchased RUT950. Data connection appears strong (-71dBm) and the state appears "registered". I also tried manual APN without any changes. I cannot get any internet when connecting via Wifi. The mobile interface is running and at the top of the list, firmware RUT9_R_00.07.00. Any ideas?

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Would it be possible to share with me the device troubleshoot file?

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any follow-up on this one ?

I'm sure I had this issue when first setting up the device. I worked around that with static DNS on the connected PC. Since deployed to site, and now after several days w/o changes, connected devices are not getting any internet (which seems to be related to DNS)...  I'm pulling my hair out.  No fancy firewall config or anything untoward applied to this device.

RUT950 running RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.7. No change when using RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3. Device would not take RUT9_R_00.07.00 - keeps giving a verification failed for some reason.
Me too, very similar.  After being fine for a couple of days Rut240 appears ok on remote management system but no internet data.  

Can reboot  it remotely with rms but the no internet connection state remains.  Upgraded to latest firmware version, no change.  

It has worked again after unplugging but I've no confidence it'll keep working.

Have set it to reboot every night and also the ping reboot.  Not confident that this will work or should be necessary.
the plot thickens.

config backup, factory default, config restore == working internet access

however +12hrs later (left on overnight),

router can ping/traceroute/nslookup the internet. but ethernet connected devices have NO internet access....