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Dear all,

after around 8 days uptime, the values RSSI,RSRP and RSRQ show always the same value - only SINR is changing.

I have a reporting on RSSI over SNMP and it is clearly visible, that after 8 days uptime the RRSI-Value stopped changing and reports always -73dBm. Before I had values between -60 and -80.

It looks like the internal measurement stopps. It is not only over SNMP - also visible in the WebUI.

Any ideas?

Best regards


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Could you please download and send me the troubleshoot file after this issue happens? System > Administration > Troubleshoot

Send it to me via private message please.

Also, could you please tell me if the graph we see, are you trying to view it through RMS connect functionality to WebUI, or have you also checked the device locally? We need to know if this is RMS only or it's happening when looking at the graph locally in WebUI.


Solved. After 4 days the values change again. It seems that it was just a coincidence.