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by anonymous
Here's the problem I'm trying to solve. My RUTX12 is "roaming" - it's actually being used on a Motorhome/Camper and it's visiting various campsites across Europe. Those campsites sometimes offer WiFi, and I'd like to use that WiFi when it's available. RUTX12 allows me to connect to the given network as a Client and include the given network in the Failover list. All fine until now, but unfortunately free WiFi is notoriously unreliable! I would like to set up a more complicated method of identifying if the WiFi network is "Online" or "Offline"

The UI that allows me to configure this failover method has a selection box that allows me to select the Method used for the test. Currently it only includes one method: "Ping"; Is it possible to create a custom script and have it available as a new test Method? I'd like to implement a more complex availability test.

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by anonymous

If you would like to implement something of your own or change our scripts and services in functionality - you can use the SDK that we provide:

As this tool is for those who know what they're doing - I will not be able to help you as you will be on your own when changing something in our firmware.

Hope this helps.