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by anonymous

I purchased a RUTX11 device and a 5-in-1 (Poynting MiMo-3-V2-15) external antenna to improve internet reception in my camper. I will connect the 2 LTE connections of the external antenna to the 2 'mobile' connectors to have the best signal strength for my cellular (SIM) connection. But what is the best practice for the wireless part? Only connect one Wi-Fi connection of the external antenna (to one of the Wi-Fi connectors) to be able to also connect to for example the Wi-Fi of a camping site and connect one of the Wi-Fi antenna's included in the RUTX11 box on the RUTX11 itself to have a good Wi-Fi connection inside the camper between my laptop and the RUTX11 router? Or is there a reason to connect both Wi-Fi connectors of the external antenna to the RUTX11? Because in that case I assume that I will be forced to use the wired connection (Laptop to LAN1 for example) inside the camper, assuming that the metal of the van will interfere the Wi-Fi connection between my laptop (inside the van) and the external antenna (outside the van).

by anonymous

One big company in my country decided to recommend to put one WiFi-Antenne into the van.

by anonymous
This is not my understanding of how it should work
I believe that it should be possible to pass the wifi connection through the puck and RUTX11.
I am trying to deal with this in my van at the moment. Struggling as this is my first foray into this field.
I expect to be able to get the RUTX11 to connect to the wifi and use that while in range. Then drop that and failover to the mobile connection again, as I move away from site.
I am struggling at the moment as I cannot figure out how to enter the 3rd party login credentials. I was expecting them to be displayed in my browser, but they are not.....
Have you sorted yours out now? Thanks
PS Reason for this method for me is that I only configure the RUTX11 and not every device that I want to use the camping (or whatever) wifi. Using failover, means it all goes back to original settings as I move away from the Wifi. But not managed to set it up as I want at the moment

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by anonymous

For this situation of yours, it is best to check it in the real scenario.

You can do the test as follows:

1 WiFi port for Poynting and 1 WiFi port for the default antenna download an App in Playstore (Android) WiFi Analyzer and check how much signal are you receiving inside the camper van and outside of the camper van. After you get the results from the WiFi Analyzer you can try having 2 ports by Poynting Antenna and check the WiFi Analyzer app if how much signal strength are you able to receive inside the camper van and outside the camper van. The last test will be with the standard Antenna to check the WiFi signal outside the camper van if it is good.

Let me know the results :)

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by anonymous

Hi Mad,
you are talking about other things, at least I do understand it in this way. We were talking about improving the WiFi-Reception IN a VAN from the RUT with metal walls and ceiling which is not optimal if you are working internally and the antennas are ALL outside of the box(Van). Nothing more! Sure, that the puck transfers the received signal to the RUT and what now? If it has to go to your WiFi devices, it goes back to the antennes in the puck. Or do you think that there is a mysterios secret WiFi antenne somewhere in the RUT black-box? It's not!

Your 3rd party credentials problem is the well-known "captive portal" problem of all these teltonika devices. Some people have succes in entering these portals by manipulating DNS-IP or MAC-Address, most others like me, don't have success, because this portals are working in different ways, there is no standard.

This is the answer from a teltonika moderator to your problem from oct. 2021:"Unfortunately, I can confirm that at this moment you cannot connect a router to a WiFi source with the captive portal as there is no configuration window to enter additional details such as landing page username and password. I will consult with our developers about the possible implementation of this feature."