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by anonymous

The following scenario I observed now several times:

1. Reboot the router

2. The router gets no mobile IPv6-address (but modem is running)

3. I reboot the modem

4. The router gets an IPv6-address

5. 15 seconds later the router does a system-reboot (dont know why)

6. After the system-reboot the router has no IPv6-address and we are at step one again...

I have no idea what is goning on. 1 out of 10 times the router gets an IPv6 address and everything is working fine. But it is really volatile.

I´m working with a RUTX09 and firmware RUTX_R_00.07.00

Any ideas?

1 Answer

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by anonymous
I analysed the problem now one day. I did the following:

1. Turn WAN6 Interface off

2. Reboot the router every hour

3. Ping-Reboot modem if there is no connection to google (ipv6)

It looks like when the router is connected via WAN-Port to the internet the IPv6 connection via mobile is working quite stable but when I disconnect the WAN-Port the router has no IPv6 address via mobile after system reboot. Then it does a modem reboot. After that it has a valid ipv6 address but some seconds later it does a system reboot again (don´t know why). This cycle takes sometimes more than one hour. That means it is disconnect from the internet for more than one hour.

Anybody here with same problem?