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by anonymous

I use a RUT955 router, running on RUT9_R_00.07.00 FW.

I want to configure it to periodically send GPS NMEA data via HTTPS to a remote server. However, the sending interval is set at 5 seconds which is way too frequent for my purposes. I had assumed that the "Delay" option under the HTTPS section would allow me to change this, but it doesn't appear to have the intended effect. What does "Delay" actually change? Also, is there another way of increasing the interval?

Thank you!
by anonymous

We are interested in a solution too. 

Isnt there any way to adjust the timer that periodically sends the NMEA Data via HTTPS? frown

by anonymous

Hello (anyone?)

As we have to pay the traffic and we dont need the GPS Data via HTTPS to be sent every 5 seconds: How can I change the interval to 60 seconds? The option in the new firmware RUT9_R_00.07.00 Firmware doenst work.

Happy for any advice on how to change the HTTPS GPS intervall! SSH access is not a problem but where to look?

Please respond crying

by anonymous
I’m having the same issue and am glad it has been raised as a bug.

another feature that would be welcomed is the ability to select which NMEA sentences to forward as not all are required.

Some AVL type rules would also be welcomed for HTTP forwarding.

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by anonymous


Thank you for provided information. Tested on our side, and it seems that the delay option might be not working properly. With this setting you should be able to set as often you want to send GPS data to a remote server.

For this, we currently are consulting with our RnD department.

Best regards,

by anonymous

I have a RUTX11 and this still appears to be a problem.

Any updates? Can it be fixed via ssh?