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by anonymous
I have a stick in the USB socket, and it is visible on UI under Services > USB Tools > Network Shares > Mounted FIle Systems. The next bit is where my knowledge falls short. I think the next step is to set Samba up to make it visible on the network (?) I'm using default settings except I've changed name of Shared Directory to "I" as that is the drive letter of the stick. The result of this is that in windows, there are no devices in the network tab. When I try to map network drive, and use the Shared Directory Path; /mnt/sda1 for the folder name it says windows can't find it.

I know I'm doing it wrong, but I don't know what is the correct way to set it up so I can access the USB stick over WiFi.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Which firmware version is currently on router?
To configure SAMBA share on router, follows these steps:

  1. Go to Services -> USB Tools -> Network shares -> Samba user and create user (skip this step if you planning to allow guest to reach shared folder)
  2. In Services -> USB Tools -> Network shares -> Samba create shared directory. Example parameters:
    1. Name: test
    2. Path: /mnt/sda1
    3. Allow guests: unchecked
    4. Allowed users: test
    5. Read only: unchecked
  3. Save everything on router
  4. On Windows PC go to Network, search for device with router Hostname and click on it (or enter in address line \\router_hostname\folder (\\Router_Share\test)), on Linux go to File manager -> Other Locations and in line Connect to server enter this line smb://route_IP_address/folder_name (example: smb://

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