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by anonymous

We have bought a Teltonika RUT955 to test its compatibility for an upcoming project that we have, and so far it has exceeded all expectations, a great device, especially with the recent VPN beta, which looks very promising.  However I have a question about the RMS credit system that I am unclear on.  

Most of our devices will not need to be connected to RMS continually, but rather only accessed via RMS when the customer requests support.  My understanding is that currently if you buy 12 credits, and you had 12 devices offline, that each by default would consume a credit, and would last 30 days.  

In our application, we would only activate each teltonika when the customer requires us to login our device, and therefore only use 1 credit per request to login.  It can often be months or years between our customers requesting support.

Looking at the options under RMS -> Services->Management, there are 3 switches beside each device.  I believe that I could turn off Auto Extend for each device, and then click the 'Service' switch to manually add a credit to a device each time I need access (if 30 days has expired since last used).  

However I notice that on the hover text for the 'Service' button says 'This switch controls your credit activation and is used to manually use a credit and enable the service to a device if it wasn't automatically enabled after 30 days (due to Auto Extend being disabled). Cannot be disabled if a device has used a credit the past 30 days. This feature is used when you want to only manually use credits for each device.'

In regards to the bold text above, if I turn off Auto Extend for all devices, and then click the 'Service' toggle for a single device, will the Service button disable itself after 30 days, and will that device use another credit before specifically being asked to?

Also can I set up the account to turn off Auto Extend by default for each device that is added?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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by anonymous

Once you have disabled the Auto Extend feature in Services > Management, the device will no longer consume credits once 30 day period will pass.

You cannot turn off service because it has taken one of your credits and has a valid service for 30 days. The service toggle option will automatically disable when 30 days period will end. Unfortunately, Auto Extend can only be turned off manually.

Best answer
by anonymous
It has been quite some time since you answered, but thank you very much for your help and reply.