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Since updating an RUTX11 to version 7.0 firmware (which generally is a good update thanks), my configured router hostname no longer appears in the browser tab at the login screen. The hostname appears once I've logged into the router, but it previously appeared before login, which was very useful. A reboot did not bring back the host name in the tab at login. It would be useful to get this back.

I also noted that once I upgraded the router, the first screen after login was the initial setup, which incorrectly indicated that I hadnt changed the default password, and made me change it, even though I'd just logged in with my password??? It tried to continue the setup, but I skipped it, and my config was retained.

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Can you please provide detail steps how we can reproduce this issue on our side?

Please let us know.

Certainly can. Thanks for looking into this; it may seem minor but its important for our 70 routers.

1. RUTX11 running firmware 2.06.1, restored to defaults. Password set to 'Password01' then wizard skipped.

2. In System-Administration, set both Device Name and Host Name to 'Test_name', and WebUI to 'Advanced', and Save.

3. In Network-Interfaces, edit the LAN to to enable routing of WAN cabled from our internet router, and Save.

4. Note that after reboot, at the login page (prior to logging in), the Firefox tab is labelled 'Test_name Administration', as set in the config.

5. In System-Backup, download the config for future testing.

6. Update the device firmware from the server, to 7.0, keeping settings.

7. When the login screen appears after upgrade, prior to logging in, the Firefox tab is labelled 'Teltonika Networks' instead of the Host Name 'Test_Name' as set in the config.

8. After logging in, the Firefox tab label changes to 'Test_name' as set in the config. Everything else seems normal, and I didnt get the 'Change password' screen as I got with the previous router, possibly because I was updating this one from a minimal config?

9. After power cycle the router, at the login screen the Firefox tab label still shows "Teltonika Networks' instead of the config set host name of 'Test_Name'.


Thank you provided information, as I managed to replicate this on my side. Will try to consult with RnD to see what we can suggest.

Regarding "Change Password" it also would be nice to get how we could replicate this issues, as I have not been able to do so.

Received information form RnD regarding device name and hostname in 7.0 it was changed so that true device information is not shown for non-authorizated clients. This is way you only see your name and hostname after logging in device WebUI.

Thanks for getting the response from R & D. I'd think that labelling the tab with 'Teltonika Networks' is probably more informative and helpful to an attacker than the hostname set by the user, which in our case is simply an internal asset number. Its also quite inconvenient to not have it displayed at the login, in our use case. Is there any chance of at least making this a selectable option in the GUI, instead of a blanket change in the firmware?


Thank you for the feedback. Regarding making this a selectable option in GUI will require additional development for this, you need to contact Teltonika Networks sales manager to arrange this kind of development.

Best regards,