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I would like to set up a second RUT955 in a access point mode, but do I need to connect them both with Lan cable?
If a Lan cable makes a better communication, is it Lan to Lan or Lan to Wan?

I also read in an article here about Relayed, what differ Relayed from access point functionality? Does this configuration needs Lan cable as well?

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If you are talking about AP, you probably thinking about connecting both RUT955 via WiFi. In that case, Ethernet cable is not required. Just simply navigate Network > Wireless and enable AP mode in one router. In the second router, please navigate Network > WAN, enable WiFi as primary/secondary WAN source, and press the scan button. Once you will see your other router name, press Join Network and enter WiFi password.

If you want to connect your devices via Ethernet cable, please insert one cable end to the LAN port of the router that does have an internet connection and another end to the WAN port of the secondary router.

Thank you for quick feedback,

If I connect the second router with Lan cable, which is good to be able to connect other devices with lan cables in the second router, but can the second router support other devices in Lan and also be configured as access point?

I refer to earlier support link:

If I connect the two RUT955 Lan to Wan, then second router should also be able to run as router, but then I will get a sub-net, right?

Any other solutions if they are connected together by Lan to wan?

If your second router successfully obtains the WAN IP address from the primary router and can connect to the internet, then it could be used as a internet source for third router to by using same principle (over LAN to WAN cable or WiFi)
If I understand correct, better to connect the second router on Lan cable and cofigured as relayed, which means extend the current wifi from main router and also gives ip-address to all items connected to the second router?