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There are two option how you can try and buy RMS credits.

1. By contacting us directly via here:

2. Looking for distributors in your area: in Where to buy section.

Best regards,

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To buy RMS credits you will need to contact the sales manager at Teltonika Networks or our partners/resellers. You can find the contact list right here (where to buy section):


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by anonymous
I cannot believe after purchasing one of your products that in order to buy credits I have to go via a third party reseller. I completed the process yesterday with one of your resellers and I am still waiting for my credits to be processed via a manual human process to then gain an activation code rather than have some automated process via an integrated online store directly with Teltonikia. Its bonkers the way this works. Its like buying a pay as you go mobile phone then in order to top up your credit you have to go via a third party. Pay them and then wait a few days until you get a top up voucher before you make calls again! Flipping eck it feels like I am back in the late 90's ordering something before online ordering came along.
by anonymous
Same bad experience. In 2023 you need to start e-mail communication with some reseller, they do not respond fast, you need 2-3 days for delivery of a license, which is supposed to be a number or code, which you can get immediately after the purchase. Total disappointment.
by anonymous
+1  I am shocked as much as you guys. Great products, Disaster in credits's 2023 for god sake...Just create a link with online payment for credits and it's done.  If I need to buy 10, 20 or 50 of them it's insane to trigger mail exchanges, manual invoicing and days of delay to do that. I understand that is probably some perk for local distributors to get constant revenue, and peace of mind for Teltonika as foreign accounting considered....BUT PLEASE FORCE OR CREATE FOR THOSE DISTROS SOME ONLINE GENERATOR WITH PAYMENT SYSTEM.
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by anonymous
I absolutely second this.

I thought after running out of credit it simply navigate to an easy to find button with RMS platform and wip out my credit card to purchase more credit for that selected device..  Instead you have togo through multiple hurdles.

Not good enough!
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by anonymous
Hi guys,

  please stop whining!

I am NOT affilitated with them but WE are using

- everything can be done online
- you can pay by invoice (if you want)
- you can buy VAT-free
- the usually react within 1 day
- phone support in English


Never had a problem.


Timelapse Admin
by anonymous
Thanks Timelapseadmin! I see this outfit also offers device-dependent 5 year plans. Interesting !