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Hi All

We have a rural system we seem to have trouble with. According to the log, when a number calls, it initialises a reboot of the unit. I have provided a snapshot of the log to help.

How can i prevent this from happening again?? 

Also, is there a way to remove previously connected Wireless devices from the RUT? Clients phones often connect to the wireless as they walk past.

Thanks in advanced

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I suspect that you do have a call reboot rule configured in your router. You can delete this rule by navigating the router WebUI > Services > SMS Utilities > Call Utilities tab. There you should see all your call rules and a Delete button near them.

Regarding the removal of constantly connecting devices to the WiFi, I would like to suggest for you change the WiFi password. That can be done in Network > Wireless. Please press the Edit button near your access point and press Wireless Security in the newly opened window and change KEY phrase.